SNOWKITE RIDE UP TEST /  WAWA /  23 August 2019 /  68 views
Hi Guys, we have been lucky to try the new Explore in different conditions at the end of last winter. I don't have some much experience with the Single skin, but all session was a blast, I felt so much confident in this kite.You don't need to thinks about your kite. In case of trouble, you just push your bar and lose all power. Today , we can say that snowkiting is definitely done for every skiers and snowboarders. That the democratisation of snowkiting !! And the big plus is that Ozone as included the internal reride system,who was already working perfectly on the Sub Zero, so you can stop and pack your kite in any situation and wind. Now , you never worries about your kite !! You will see in the next movie an epic ride in the south couloir of Grand Area in a stormy wind. You will understand ;) The Explore will be part of my gear for the next mountains adventure :) :) Johann see u Easy Rider & Gopro Johann Civel Ski , Gopro , Drone & Editing Wareck Arnaud Music bensound-moose.mp3