The Ride Up team

The Ride UP with Snowkiting!

For over 10 years this band of enthusiastic Snowkiters have been making there tracks in the mountain.

Ski mountaineers are shocked to be over taken by these winged riders, flying past them up and down overtaking and lapping them two,

three, four times over by the time they have reached there ascent!

Snowkiting is first and foremost a revolutionary way to explore a mountain, a new way of hiking,

replacing the ski lift with the power of the wind.

The sensations are totally incredible when riding uphill and even more going back down!

In 10 minutes you can reach the top! Giving a rider a plenty of time to enjoy the views and the moments of happiness shared with friends,

the feeling of riding back down is unmissable ...

The Snowkite offers the opportunity to climb several peaks in the same day and made making even

the most impressive ski lifts obsolete because with a kite you have so much more access (over 10,000m so far and counting)!

Using the kite allows you to pave your way anywhere you want to go elegantly ploughing through the powder snow,

the mountain is your infinitely changing playground.

Most importantly, you've got the opportunity to practice with friends in the wild and unexplored spots

in the winter with your two masters: the wind and the mountain ... It's such a immense sense of freedom! ...

With the evolution of sails and kite technology we are now able to access some of the hardest and steepest faces of a mountain,

technical coordination and timing is very important when riding up slopes of45 degree angles. Controlling the kite is imperative, you must time it right and not go too high, stop producing power at the right times, It's all about technique.

A few years ago, we would land the kite 50m from the top summit and walk the rest of the way.

***Now it is behind the ridge that they affalent their veils and happiness they directly ask their spatulas at the top! ***

The adrenaline picks up the higher you go, When we reach the top we get a great feeling of accomplishment,

while the descent has not even started.

Snowkiting is skiing in three dimensions, both uphill and downhill.

It is common sense to any free rider in the back country areas to be equipped with safety equipment for avalanches

such as an avalanche victim detector, probe and shovel. Snowkiting is not the same as kitesurfing and can often be misunderstood, kitesurfers are always tacking on flat water,

It is for this reason that we decided to let people know the differences

by producing a film called"RIDE UP" which demonstrates and explains to the general public the world of snowkiting

and how to discover the full potential of this sport.

The project was to make a ski movie showing the renewable energy which we can use to do this sport, no lifts or helicopter required...

just the wind, Snowkiting is non-polluting and friendly to the environment.

In a few words, climb a mountain in minutes and ride beautiful blank faces on the descent ....

2011 RIDE UP INFINIDADE Sport + from RideUP on Vimeo.

Une belle news pour Ride Up by Fabrice LECUYER INFINIDADE

Ride Up # 06 "Pack & ride" from RideUP on Vimeo.

Lautaret Pass Hautes Alpes France
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