Genepy Style in Queyras

Wild Est Queyras Spot LaBlanche

One of the wildest place in the South Alps. from RideUP on Vimeo.

Riders : Johann Civel / Wareck Arnaud / Pascal Joubert / Simone Borgi

French Holidays are over. Time to move far away from the ski resort.
We directly moved into a perfect place : Le Queyras, refuge de la Blanche.One of the wildest place in the South Alps.
It was nice to see again our friends Hugues, Valere , yan , Bastou, Wawa and Pascal Joubert just back from the US.
We had strong wind conditions riding with the 8 Summit. Unfortunately the powder was gone but we get good rides everywhere in the mountains and flying in front of the refuge where we had a deep sleep after a Genepy bottle !!
The Day after we enjoyed all the places in this valley from flat terrain to alpin mountains.
Was good to be back there

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Camera Wareck Arnaud
Gopro : Jo , Pascal & Wa
Edit Rideup by WaWa

Ozone Summit V3

Ozone Summit V3 - Push the Boundaries from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.



Frenzy V10 - Do-it-all Powerhouse from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

The Frenzy V10 is our do-it-all powerhouse De-power foil kite. This radical snowkite design combines the latest in foil kite and paraglide technology.

- Do-it-all powerhouse De-power foil
- Latest foil kite and paraglider design technology
- Freestyle, freeride, and backcountry machine
- Industry Leading Re-Ride Release System
- Double pulley speed-system with Ronstan Orbit pulleys
- Technical mountain backpack with clip-to harness connection
- Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction
- Also available in an Ultralight version

OSKM 2015 Bernina Pass

OSKM Day#1 Warming-Up from Boulgakow on Vimeo.

First day at OSKM, a kind of Warming-Up more on

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